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JOURNEYS of WONDER: A new Anthology of Genre Fiction with over 8000 copies downloaded worldwide!

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Journeys of Wonder is a new anthology of genre fiction. Each of the first two volumes features five chilling tales that are guaranteed to make you keep the lights on.

Volume 1, June 2012:

  • The Door by Ian Kezsbom
  • Blackout by Lisa Gail Green
  • Infinity by Ian Kezsbom
  • Eye of the Wolf by Lisa Gail Green
  • Afterdeath by Leslie S. Rose
Volume 2, October 2012:

  • CAL by Lisa Gail Green
  • The Terrible, Perfect Duet by Trysta A. Bissett
  • Helios by Leslie S. Rose
  • Encrypted by Ian Kezsbom
  • Lighting the Sacred Way by S. P. Sipal