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First off – where have we been?

Well, we’ve been busy. Fuzzbom Publishing is a small family owned press – and unfortunately, those family members have to work other jobs. We hit a huge stretch of “life,” but we’re slowly making our way back as we prep for volume 4.

Second off, the Goodreads group – Making Connections, has selected Journeys of Wonder for an upcoming blog tour. They’ve put up a sign up page here:—april-6th

Anyone willing to host us for this blog tour gets a free kindle copy of Journeys of Wonder volumes 1,2 and 3. That’s right – all three of them.

So if you have a literature blog, or know someone who does, please spread the word! We look forward to touring with you in the beginning of April!

The Binding Stone is FREE on Kindle

TheBindingStonecoverfinishThat’s right…for two days (today and tomorrow) Amazon is giving away The Binding Stone for free on kindle.

So please, help us spread the word – and if you haven’t picked up a copy yet, now’s your chance.

Thank you to everyone for your support…so far the reviews of The Binding Stone have been incredible – and we’ll have an analysis of the free promotion soon.

Guest Post on A Newbies Guide To Publishing

We’ve long been readers of J.A. Konrath’s blog A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing. If you haven’t been there before, it’s incredibly full of publishing tips for the modern author.

And today, we have a guest post on the blog – about how Journeys of Wonder came to be.

Please stop by and have a visit – and even leave a comment. We even have some exciting news at the end…We’re now open for submissions for Volume 4.

For all information – please see our submissions page.


Novels vs. Anthologies

With the release of The Binding Stone just a few weeks prior to the release of volume 3, we have the opportunity to compare sales between two different “genres” of books.

It was our theory that our novels would sell better than our anthologies simply because novels tend to be in bigger demand. Even though we live in a culture where shorter is typically better, people still like to sit down and read a longer novel. While short stories have seen a resurgence in the self published ebook world, novels still hold the majority of spots on the Amazon top 100 list.

So, has this held true for us? In short, sort of.

With the release of volume 3, we’ve seen the usual strong early sales – most likely from fans of volumes 1 and 2. We’ve even seen an uptick in those earlier volumes – especially 2 – as people are probably catching up to read the new one (although each volume is truly stand-alone and there’s no need to read them in order).

Meanwhile, The Binding Stone also had that strong early start – and while it has petered off in recent weeks, it has continued to sell. Its drop-off from the initial push has not been nearly as severe as what we’ve seen on any of the anthologies.

What does this mean? We think it means that novels have more staying power. While short stories certainly have their fans, and there is money to be made through them, novels are what the general public is looking for. And more importantly, people are more willing to pay $3.99 for a 300+ page novel than 99 cents for a 100 page anthology of short stories.

Either way, we’re going to continue to work on both. We’re currently working on the sequel to The Binding Stone and a non-fiction writing guide. We’re also about to open up for submissions to Journeys of Wonder Volume 4. All in all, it’s a busy time for Fuzzbom Publishing.

Journeys of Wonder Volume 3 on Sale!

It’s finally here!JourneysCover3_v3vsmall

Journeys of Wonder Volume 3 is now on sale for just 99 cents. It’s taken a long time, but we’re so happy with the final product.

Where volumes 1 and 2 had a science fiction focus to them, Volume 3 is much darker – with most of the stories as part of the horror genre. Lisa, Ian, Leslie and Trysta all return with chilling tales in this third volume, but we also welcome Martina A. Boone with an incredible tale of her own.

Featured in this volume:

Tooth and Nail, by Trysta A. Bissett
“I yanked off my last remaining fingernail, crying out. My ragged toothless gums, my bruised fingertips, the calloused ends of my toes ached in response. There was nothing left to give. This would be the last time.”

Downstage, by Leslie S. Rose
“I would sell my soul to the hot angel of freakin’ death to have Bonita back here next to me in the dark. Another chance to push her. I’ll show her real acting when I weep and scream as she drops.”

The Edge of Insanity, by Ian Kezsbom
“We tried to fight, but how can you fight something with no form, with no body? We tried to run, but there was nowhere to go. All we could do was hide.”

Skin on Skin, by Lisa Gail Green
“A split second to him becomes a lifetime for me. The first thing that comes clear is the rage. Intense. Consuming. My body shakes with it. My vision blurs.”

Transformations, by Martina A. Boone
“The more he considered the odd shafts of light, the more he was sure it wasn’t coincidence that he was seeing them on the equinox. And if that was the case, they meant something. Pointed to something.”

So please pick up a copy here – and spread the word. And most importantly, enjoy!

The Binding Stone Released!

TheBindingStonecoverfinishIt’s been a busy six months. On top of work on volume 3 of Journeys of Wonder (which is slated to arrive next month) we’ve also been hard at work on Fuzzbom Publishing’s first novel – The Binding Stone, by Lisa Gail Green.

And finally, we’re excited to announce that the book is for sale on kindle. You can get your copy for $3.99 here.

This novel was a pleasure to work on – and we’re so incredibly proud to have been a part of it. It’s got a little bit of everything: action, romance, adventure, seals…and is a non stop thrill ride from start to finish. Here’s the description from Amazon’s website:

Tricked into slavery by the man she loved, the Djinni Leela has an eternity to regret her choices.

Awakened in the prison of her adolescent body, she finds a new master in possession of the opal that binds her. But seventeen-year-old Jered is unlike any she’s seen. His kindness makes Leela yearn to trust again, to allow herself a glimmer of hope.

Could Jered be strong enough to free her from the curse of the Binding Stone?

In addition, we’ve also set up two new websites…both of which are a work in progress. The first is and is dedicated to The Binding Stone and The Djinn Series (of which The Binding Stone is book 1).

The second is which is the main site for Fuzzbom Publishing. However, due to our already established following here, the Journeys of Wonder blog will still be the place to go for all Fuzzbom Publishing news.

As we noted, both of these websites are in a raw phase and contain little more than links to buy our books. Over the next few months though, we’ll be adding content and expanding each site.

Also, in the following weeks we’ll be discussing the launch of this book including the process of putting it together and setting up a small press. We’ll also discuss our pricing choices and why we currently decided to enroll it in KDP select.

But for now simply enjoy The Binding Stone

Interview with Author Lisa Gail Green


Today on the Enchanted Inkpot, our cover artist, Lisa Amowitz, interviewed our author, Lisa Gail Green, about her upcoming book: The Binding Stone.

It’s a fantastic interview – and really gives an insight into our publication process. You can read it here.

And look for the Binding Stone to be released on kindle and paperback this May!

Does Advertising a Free Promotion Work?

Yesterday we ran an experiment.

We’ve been running free promotions on our books for some time, and, as we documented here, it’s because those promotions always translate into an uptick in sales.

However, free promotions take a lot of work. In the weeks leading up to our promotion we’re listing the book with various sites and twitter/facebook feeds (as documented here). On the days of the promotion we’re listing ourselves on daily feeds and constantly getting the word out to organizations that deal with free books.

It’s a lot of work.

But does it even help?

To find out, we listed volume 2 for free secretly. We did absolutely no promotion. We didn’t advertise it on our website. We didn’t even mention it to our friends or family. It was just another day in the life for our book, except for the fact that it was free.

So what were the results?

Prior to this promotion we ran two multi-day promotions for Volume 2. One in December and one in February. While both of these promotions ran for multiple days, in both cases we noticed that the majority of our downloads came on day 1.

December 2012: 557 downloads domestically.

February 2013: 479 downloads domestically.

Neither of these were considered particularly successful numbers as we easily break 1000 downloads in our volume 1 promotions. Still, they provide a good benchmark, especially given how close in number they are. Plus for both of these the advertising we did was generally the same (the only major difference between the two was that the Feb promotion was done in conjunction with a free promotion for volume 1).

Now the big question…how did we do with no promotion at all?

April 2013: 13 downloads domestically.

That’s right – just 13.

So, what does this all mean.

1. Obviously advertising helps. People like free things and letting them know it’s there leads to more downloads. We expected this.

2. However, we also expected a few more downloads than this. What this means is the book isn’t getting enough exposure outside of free promotions. If it were, more than 13 people would have discovered it was free in one day – especially since some of those people probably found it through websites that simply scour Amazon for free books.

3. The time spent working on advertising is worth it.

We still don’t know which aspects of the advertising lead to the most downloads. We’re convinced some of the sites we list with lead to a great number of downloads while others lead to few or even none. Since we’re running them all concurrently, it’s impossible to tell which is which. We hope to explore individual advertising opportunities more in the future.

Have any of you had any experience with free promotion advertising? Please let us know in the comments below.